Skills Canada Gravity Car

Length of Project:
Project theme:
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Tools & Materials
Material List
  • wood glue
  • assorted chunks of 4” x 6” x 12” – maximum dimension
  • welding rod or dowelling for axels
  • water based stain, paint
  • 4 old CDs or DVDs
Tool list
  • sandpaper (increasing grits) - start with 80 and work to 220
  • sanding blocks
  • clamps
  • assorted files for shaping
  1. Research the Skills Canada Competition specifications and requirements.
  2. Design, plan and draw your custom design. Simple is often better.
  3. Create a materials list – Review with your teacher to confirm available materials.
  4. Build main body - be sure to weigh your body after each adjustment is made to ensure you meet the 600 gram or less requirement.
  5. Assemble the wheel axels carefully – be sure to allow for adjustments with weight, as well as travel on the track. It is important that the car stays straight on the track.
  6. Test your vehicle on a track that meets the criteria designed for Gravity Car competitions.
Extension Challenges
  1. Design the car after a specific commercial vehicle or favourite toy.
  2. Research and explore the concept of wind resistance and how that determined their choice for the final finish of the car.
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