Molkky Lawn Game

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Tools & Materials
Material List
  • 2” or 3” doweling, one 8’ or two 4’ dowels
  • Optional: Plastic sticky-back vinyl, or similar, to make stencil
  • Spray paint, 2 contrasting colours
Tool list
  • Miter saw
  • Sander / sand paper
  1. Cut two “throwing sticks” 8-½" long from your dowel.
  2. Make 12 Molkky pins by cutting the doweling on alternating 45 degree and 90 degree cuts, making sure that the pins at their longest are all 6” (or similar equal length).
  3. Sand the rough edges of your pins and sticks.
  4. Set up a spray paint station, and paint your pins and sticks using fine spray so as to not cause drips. It may take two or three layers to get full coverage.
  5. Make stencil numbers 1-12, and arrange them on the beveled ends of your pins. Spray paint in your contrasting colour. Alternately, you could hand-paint your numbers.
  6. Research how to play Molkky, and find a lawn to play on!
Extension Challenges
  1. Collect dry, straight branches and make “live-edge" Molkky pins.
  2. Research how to make a DIY wood crate, and design one to fit your pins and throwing sticks. Add handles or a lid.
  3. Recruit the help of a kid! Let them use water-based paints to decorate the pins and paint the numbers on, then teach them how to play.
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