Jenga Game

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Tools & Materials
Material List
  • 1” x 2” Pine or pre-primed finger joint. Comes in 6’ or 8’ lengths
Tool list
  • Tape Measure (note dimensions below are in imperial units)
  • Speed Square or Combination Square
  • Mitre Box
  • Back Saw Sanding Block Sandpaper (use 120 grit to start on the bare Pine and then 150 or 180 grit to finish. The finger joint will only need sanding on the cut ends)
  1. 1. Determine which dimension wood will be used. The length of each Jenga piece will be 3x the width of the material chosen. 2. Prep pieces. Each student will get one length of wood which is 9x the width of the material (generally 13 ½ “). This will generate 3 Jenga pieces. 3. Using tape measures, students measure the width of their wood and then measure and mark the length of each of their three Jenga pieces. 4. Using a speed square, draw two lines across the width of the wood. 5. Put the length into the mitre box, line up one of the lines with the 90 degree slot and make the first cut. 6. Repeat Step 5. Each student should now have three pieces with no waste. 7. Use a sanding block and 120 grit sandpaper, gently sand the cut edges and any rough surfaces being careful to sand with the grain. 8. Put each student’s 3 pieces together to build your class set. Enjoy!
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