Glass Cups Part 1 of 2: Cutting Jig

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Tools & Materials
Material List
  • 2"x4" x ~20" SPF (Spruce-Pine-Fir)
  • ~4" x 4" plywood scrap, or similar
  • six 3" wood screws
  • Optional

  • masking tape
Tool list
  • safety glasses
  • ear protection
  • work gloves
  • measuring tape
  • pencil
  • speed square
  • back saw or crosscut saw
  • rotary glass cutting tool
  • table saw
  • cross-cut sled for table saw
  • hand drill
  • twist bit, same diameter as wood screw shaft
  • c-clamps or similar
  • vise
  • Optional:

  • mitre box
  • screwdriver
  1. Safety glasses and ear protection must be worn for the entire process.
  2. Measure, layout and cut two 2” x 4” x 10” with a mitre saw or a cross-cut hand saw. If using a hand saw, make sure you transfer your cut line on the face and one edge of the board, with a speed square, to ensure your cut is square
  3. Jig Bottom

  4. Angle your table saw blade to 45 degrees and lower it until the blade tip is about 1” above the table. Set the fence so that the cut ends at the midpoint of the 2"x4". Cut this angle into one of your 2" x 4" x 10" pieces.
  5. Turn your board 180 degrees and cut in the opposite direction to complete the “v” cutout.
  6. Secure the 2"x4" with the “v” cutout in a vise, then place the ~4” x 4” piece of plywood on the end. Drill two pilot holes with the twist bit, then put wood screws in with the drill and driver bit or a screwdriver.
  7. Put a bottle in the "v" cutout with its bottom on the plywood, and place your other 2"x4" alongside as shown. Decide approximately how tall you want your glass cup to be: this will be where you score the glass with the glass cutting tool. Mark this on the second 2"x4" and extend the line on the edge and face with your speed square.
  8. Set the height of the table saw at ½". Use a crosscut sled to make a ½" deep groove at your marked location. Carefully widen the groove with more passes until the glass cutter handle fits snugly.
  9. Clamp the two 2"x4" pieces together as shown, making sure that the groove for the glass cutter will be exposed at the “top” of the jig (to the left in this picture). Secure the clamped 2"x4"s into a vise.
  10. Insert the twist bit into the drill, and make two pilot holes, approx. 2” in from the ends.
  11. Use a screwdriver or the hand drill with driver bit to insert screws into both pilot holes.
  12. Your jig is ready for use! Check that the glass cutter fits securely in the groove(s) without wiggling side-to-side. Wedge it in place if needed by wrapping some masking tape around the handle.
  13. Head to Glass Cups Part 2 of 2 to make your very own drinking glass!
Extension Challenges
  1. Adapt the jig so it can be screwed into a tabletop or secured in a vise while being used to cut the bottles.
  2. Add more grooves in your upper 2"x4" as necessary if you want to make different glass sizes on the jig (leaving at least ½” of wood between the grooves for stability).
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