Copper Bracelet

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Tools & Materials
Material List

    18 Gauge Copper

  • 2.5cm x 15cm
  • Wood

  • 10cm x 30cm
Tool list

    Metal Cutting Snips

  • Hammer

  • Emery Cloth or Sanding Sponge (various grits)

  • Metal Punches (optional)

  • Torch (optional)

  • Safety Glasses

  • Cut Resistant Gloves

  1. Mark out on the copper the size of bracelet you would like to make and then using snips cut along the lines. The edges will be sharp so make sure you clean them up well with the emery cloth.
  2. Use sanding sponge or emery cloth to sand all edges and round the corners of the piece. Make sure the edges are soft and no sharp edges are left.
  3. Hammer the pattern into the metal. The metal will curl up, just turn over and hammer flat again. You can also use punches with letters and numbers. Different hammers will give you different finishes.
  4. (Optional) Use the heat of a torch to change the colour of the copper. The piece will be hot afterwards so let it cool before moving to the next step.
  5. Sand the top of the piece to get off some of the colour change and highlight the hammer work you have done.
  6. Form the bracelet around a round object ( I used a hammer handle to do this step). Copper is soft so it will form easily. If you have access to roll formers, then you can use them.
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