Skills Ready provides tools for young people to prove they are work ready, while enabling them to build a real world understanding of the advantages of starting out in the skilled trades and technologies can do for their future.

Skills Ready is an initiative of the Construction Foundation of BC that identifies and promotes the essential soft skills required for success within the skilled trades and technologies.

In 2016, the initiative launched as Construction Ready, with a focus on preparing young people to transition into construction careers. Since that time, the initiative has grown to encompass support for youth, educators and employers that will enable more young people to transition successfully into the skilled trades and technologies across a number of sectors.

With guidance and support provided by our Career Catalysts, Skills Ready enables industry to connect with educators and young people in order to bridge the gap into apprenticeship and long term careers.


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Student Perspective

Becki & Amanda

Amanda and Becki are both in Grade 11 and signed up to take the Explore a Trade program at Salmon Arm Secondary. When asked why they considered looking at a trades course, both agreed that they like working with their hands and their brain and that working in the trades provides an opportunity for you have a massive sense of accomplishment!

Why did you choose to take a shop or skilled trade class?

Becki had been thinking about the trades, while Amanda had been hesitant to register at first.

They both agree that taking a trades class is about learning life long skills and that the things they learn in class have already come in handy at home. As Amanda put it, “It’s a confidence thing.”

How has Skills Ready been useful to you?

Becki: “The tool shows what you have done and learned. It’s a great way to connect and get started in a career.”

Do you have any advice to other girls looking at taking a shop class?

Becki: “Don’t let it hold you back.”

Amanda: “Don’t ever assume you can’t do it.”

Both: “Just do it!”

Thank you to Amanda and Becki for sharing their time and thoughts with us! We expect to see you both on HGTV in the very near future!